Power of Scotland -- 28th November 2009

8to1 lineup for PoS 2

4th March 2007

Ritchie Hocking V Bjorn Charle (win to Bjorn Charle)

Keiran McAskill v Alan McTavish (win for Alan McTavish)

Andrew O'Brien V Tommy Young (win for Tommy Young)

Round 1

John Douglas V Mokhtar Daide (win for John Douglas)

Hilary Mack V Jennifer Martinez (win for Hilary Mack)

John Dick V Dean James (win for Dean James)

John Nicholson V Paul Jenkins (1st round win for Paul Jenkins) MMA

Round 2

Rab Burt V Paul Grant (win for Paul Grant)

Paul McVeigh V Said Mohamed (1st round win for Paul McVeigh) MMA

Rung V Richard Cadden (1st round KO for Richard Cadden)

Round 3

John Cullen V Marc DeLuca (Draw)

James Doolan V Jamie Mckenzie (1st round KO for James) MMA