Power of Scotland -- 28th November 2009

12th March 2006

Braehead Arena featured the very best of Scotland's full contact martial arts fighters. The show put Scotland on the martial arts map. The spectacle viewed live by thousands of spectators was also filmed for Eurosport to be broadcast to 250million people in 54 different countries.

STBA Junior Scottish Title

Dale Murray (NKT Irvine) Vs. Jordan Calder (Caledonian Muay Thai, Glasgow) - (5x1.5mins) 42kg WIN TO JORDAN

Ritchie Hocking (NKT Johnstone) Vs. Paul Fallon (Phoenix) - (4x2mins - IFMA Amateur Full Thai Rules) 63kg JUNIOR WIN TO RITCHIE

Alan Hunter (Highlanders) Vs. Stevie Meikle (Caledonian Muay Thai, Glasgow) - (5x2mins) 67kg WIN TO STEVIE

John Douglas (NKT Barrhead) Vs. Gordon Ross (NKT Denny) - (5x2mins) 67kg WIN TO JOHN

John Cullen (NKT Clydebank) Vs. Thomas Young (Caledonian Muay Thai, Glasgow) - (5x2mins) 63kg WIN TO JOHN

Inter Communications 8to1 Tournament (63.5kg):

Round 1

Lex Easdon Vs. Paul Smith Kickboxing WIN TO LEX

STBA Lightheavyweight Scottish Title

Colin Carson (NKT Irvine) Vs. Eddie Scott (Sit Ayuthaya) - (5x3mins) 81kg WIN TO COLIN

Inter Communications 8to1 Tournament - Semi-Finals

Round 2

ISKA European Super-flyweight

Rab Weir (NKT Irvine) Vs. Sebastian Oceania (Team Phoenix, FRANCE) - (5x3mins) 53.5kg WIN TO SEBASTIAN

Paul McVeigh (Dinky Ninjas) Vs. Nayeb Hezam (French Top Team, FRANCE) - (3x5mins) 62kg MMA WIN TO PAUL

Tim Thomas (Bedford, ENGLAND) Vs. Ahmedi Bijan (Superpro, BELGIUM) - (5x3mins) 69kg WIN TO TIM

Inter Communications 8to1 Tournament - Final

Round 3

Pete Chung Sortaskin, SCOTLAND Vs. Nico Veresen Chikara Lint, BELGIUM WIN TO NICO

STBA Featherweight Scottish Title

John Dick (GTBA) Vs. Jonathan Watt (Black Devils) - (5x2mins) 57kg WIN TO JOHN

James Doolan (Dinky Ninjas) Vs. Frederic Fernandez (French Top Team, FRANCE) - (3x5mins) 64kg MMA WIN TO FREDERIC

Loopy Lou (Sit Ayuthaya) Vs. Najat Hasnoun-Alaouii (Universal Gym, BELGIUM) - (5x2mins) 63kg WIN TO LOU